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SOLVED: How to Easily Move A Video From One Youtbe Account To Another

Mar 2014 Posted by in Other Technologies | 6 comments

youtube-move-video-to-another-account-creative-commonsIf you have a video in one YouTube account and you want it moved to another YouTube account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account using the original account, which I will call “account A”
  2. Go to Video Manager
  3. Click the check box on the video in question
  4. Click the ACTIONS drop down (above the videos) and select CREATIVE COMMONS
  5. Copy the URL for your video (i.e. start watching it then right click on the video an select COPY VIDEO URL)
  6. Log out of your YouTube Account
  7. youtube-move-video-to-another-account-remixLog into your other YouTube Account, which I will call “account B”
  8. Paste the address/URL of the video you are trying to transfer into the address bar of your browser
  9. Click the REMIX THIS VIDEO link (just below and to the right of the video)
  10. Click SAVE

You have now transferred the video.  Note that this does NOT transfer the text of the video so you can copy/paste your titles and text description from one to the other.

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  1. A3aan02-09-17

    I’ll give it a try – and if this method doesn’t work I’ll try this one: Looks good…

  2. mae01-01-17

    It didn’t work for me either. There’s nothing that says “Remix this video”.

  3. Miles Moore11-27-16

    The directions you supplied were ok until I got to the Remix the video link instructions… not sure how to make this work when the video belongs on my other youtube account. Following your directions did not enable me to transfer the video. Really the only way to move a video from one youtube account to another is by downloading the video and then loading the it on my other youtube account. Please delete you instructions as its does not work.

    • Ian Matthews
      Ian Matthews12-13-16

      This does work as I have done it more than once. Perhaps YouTube has changed/blocked the process.

    • Frank Lech03-24-17

      Click on Creator Studio when logged into your YouTube account.

      In the left sidebar, click on “Create” (underneath “Translations and Transcriptions”).

      This will open the dropdown menu – click on “Video Editor.”

      Once you are in the video editor, paste the link of the video you want to remix in the search bar on the right that says “Search Videos” and click enter.

      This will display a thumbnail of the video. Drag it to the box that says “Drag Videos Here.”

      Edit the video if you’d like, press create video at the top right, and you’re done.

      • Joseph Lypowy09-06-17

        I followed all of the steps. When I get to the “paste url address in search box and hit return” no thumbnail appears to drag into the editor.

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