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The Ultimate Guide To Fixing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

broken-window-server-update-services-repair-guide-reset-server-nodeIf your Windows Server Update Services WSUS is having problems there are five easy things to do to correct it:

  1. Restart the three WSUS related services:
    c)  WINDOWS INTERNAL DATABASE (unless your DB is SQL, in which case, restart your SQL database)
  2. Run a clean up job on the WSUS database using a PowerShell Script Microsoft has written.
  3. Run a clean up job of the WSUS data using a PowerShell command
  4. expand-wsus-applicaiton-pool-memory-in-iisExpand the memory in the IIS > APPLICATION POOL > WSUS > RECYCLING to something greater than 1.8GB (1843200), then perform an IISRESET (or just restart the WWW service).  This has not helped me but I see from other blogs that it has helped some… so give it a shot!
  5. If you still have problems check the logs on your clients.  As of Windows 10, this is a real problem to do, you can read THIS post for full details but the crux of it is, open a powershell and enter the two commands below:
    wuauclt /detectnow
    Get-WindowsUpdateLog -LogPath C:\windowsupdate.log
  6. Try to move the WSUS content files to a new location if you think the file system is corrupted.
  7. Give up, uninstall then reinstall WSUS.  This is not as big a job as it seems in most environments.



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  1. Sudheer05-15-17

    thanks so much.

  2. Vincent Frissora11-22-16

    thanks so much. WSUS is such a pain when it breaks. really appreciate it. Number 2 worked for me – kept on getting the reset server node.

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