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SOLVED: Windows 10 Lock Screen Graphic GPO Not Working On 1703

If you have Windows 10 Enterprise or Education you should be able to use a GPO to set a custom lock and home screen.  Unfortunately, Windows 10 1703 broke that and it has been driving many IT staff crazy trying to fix it.

After a few weeks of banging around with Microsoft Partner Support they have just confirmed that this will be fixed shortly:

After checking with our Product team, it seems that our issue will be fixed on the non-security cumulative update that will be released on the 4th Tuesday of May, which is May 23

Crystal – MS Partner Support

I know my staff will be happy and as this is holding up several deployments.  One of my customers put a global deployment on hold because Win 10 1703 would not respect the GPO that sets the custom lock and home screens.

Note that if you have Windows 10 Pro, S or Home, this GPO is completely ignored and there really is no easy way to set a custom lock and home screen.

In case you do not already know, the GPO to set a custom home and lock screen is:



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  1. ErikN09-05-17

    It indeed is solved in the mentioned hotfix, but…

    In rare occasions it still fails to set the lockscreen background on windows 10 1703 Enterprise. (1 out of 400). We fixed that by running the following script:
    takeown /F C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData
    icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData /grant:r “Administrators:F”
    icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData /grant:r “SYSTEM:(OI)(CI)F”
    icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData /setowner Administrators
    takeown /F C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5-18 /R /D Y
    icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5-18 /grant:r “Administrators:(OI)(CI)F”
    icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5-18 /grant:r “SYSTEM:(OI)(CI)F”
    icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5-18\* /inheritance:e /T
    icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5-18 /setowner Administrators /T
    rmdir /Q /S C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5-18

  2. ErikN05-19-17

    Kinda bold to set the status to solved. It is a promise Microsoft will (try to) fix it in the next cumulative update. First I need to have actual proof of this fix, before claiming a issue to be solved.

    • Ian Matthews
      Ian Matthews05-24-17

      That is the fact. The problem is solved. Quit working on trying to get around it, and just wait for the patch. 🙂

      • Pär05-29-17

        I agree with Erik, especially since the patch was not released on the promised date, and today that link provided above is not working.

        I am now looking for more info on this.

        • Ian Matthews
          Ian Matthews07-04-17

          I have it working with that patch KB4020102. That patch is a cumulative patch and has already been replaced with KB4022725 which will be replaced again this month.

          Remember that, in addition to the patch, you MUST be running Windows 10 ENTERPRISE or EDUCATION and you MUST set BOTH:

          “Force a specific default lock screen and logon image” and
          “Prevent changing lock screen and logon image”

          • Visitor08-12-17

            Ian Matthews,
            you mentioned that you have it working with KB4022725. I’m getting a solid blue color instead of images for lock screen and logon. Would you mind giving more details how you managed to get it to work in addition to the information you already provided so that I too may get it to work? Thanks!

          • Ian Matthews
            Ian Matthews08-17-17

            Sure, you need to ensure you have the rollup from May 25 2017 or newer see: and note that you can click on the newer rollups on the left to see what they bring.

            You can only set the lock screen on Enterprise and Education now, so if you are only running Pro, the lock screen GPO’s are ignored. I think that is ridiculous but I can not change it.

            I just rolled out another 50 Win10 Ent PC’s yesterday with no issues on the lock screen front, so I know it is still working with the latest patches.

            For more details you might find my support thread with MS Partner Support useful:

            use the arrow at the bottom right of the page to expand the entire post and see all 36 posts!

          • Zach08-30-17

            This still isnt fixed. Carlosftw posted on August 14th in the support ticket you have. When will this be fixed?!

          • Ian Matthews
            Ian Matthews09-08-17

            Hi Zack; I can assure you that we have this working in several environments. The MS patches on Win 10 ENTERPRISE and EDUCATION do work.

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