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SOLVED: VIDEO: How To Upgrade The Disk in an SSD Cache Using Intel Rapid Storage Technology

In the video below we show how to remove the spinning disk from a Dell Latitude 5480 and replace it with a larger one and then enable SSD Caching.  To use SSD Caching your PC needs:

  1. The connectors to add an SSD and a spinning diskIntel-Smart-Response-Technology-ssd-caching
  2. A BIOS that supports SSD Caching and has the disk mode set to RAID
  3. Windows 10
  4. Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) software

The process to enable SSD Caching is pretty straight forward for most tech’s, but novices definitely handle it.

In the SSD Caching video we show how to enable SSD Caching:

  1. Install a new disk
  2. Enter the RAID controller at boot up and remove any existing configuration
  3. Install a fresh copy of Windows 10 on the spinning disk
  4. Patch patch patch
  5. Download and install Intel Rapid Storage Technology software
  6. Launch the Intel RST software, click the PERFORMANCE TAB and select ENABLE OPTIMIZATION
  7. Have a nice day

If you have heard of the new Intel Optane SSD Caching and wondered what the improvement is on standard SSD Caching with Intel RST, the answer is not much.  In simple terms Intel Optane is simply a newer SSD using very fast memory.  You cannot install Intel Optane software and Intel RST software on the same PC.


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