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SOLVED: How To Change The Sort Order of COURSES In A LinkedIn Profile

The short answer is, you cannot change the way COURSES are listed in LinkedIn.  You have to manually delete them and read them in the order you want, manually. To confirm this, I recently asked LinkedIn support: …is there a way to change the order of individual line items in the COURSES section of the […]


4 More Magazines Stop Printing and 3 Others Reduce Print Cyle

The Canadian Press reported today that many of Canada’s staple magazines are stopping print production completely and others are reducing the number of issues. Rogers Communications announced Friday an overhaul of its magazines that will see Flare, Sportsnet, MoneySense and Canadian Business disappear from store shelves and move to online only. In addition, magazines including […]


SOLVED: How Many Websites Are There In The World? The Answer Will Surprise You

The simplified answer to the question of ‘how many websites are there?’ is 1.1 billion sites with about 4.5 billion total pages in 2016.  However, it is critically important to note that between 60% and 75% of all sites are “inactive“.  That means that most sites are ‘place holders’ that are for sale or that have only one […]


SOLVED: How To Add Closed Captions and Translate Those Captions To Any Language On YouTube

YouTube will translate nearly any language audio to nearly any language text, for free! If you are watching a foreign language video on YouTube and want to have closed captions translated into another language, watch the first 60 seconds of this video.  If you have a foreign language video on YouTube and want to automatically add […]


SOLVED: How To Check The Build Number of Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 you likely already know that Microsoft is releasing new builds of Windows several times per year and it can get confusing which version you have. You would think that the build number would be shown in SYSTEM, where is shows the version of Windows 10 you are using but it […]


The Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Microsoft combined the old Service Packs and New Windows Versions (95, 2000, XP, 7, 8…) model, into a new process that provides new features in full versions of Windows released several times each year under the Windows 10 banner.  Microsoft released “RTM” Windows 10 in July 2015, then build 1511 in November (get the code.. 15 like 2015 and 11 […]


SOLVED: IE11 For Server 2012 R1

IE11 is not supported on R1.  This is quite frustrating and if Microsoft has not released IE11 for Server 2012 R1 by now (summer of 2016), they aren’t ever going to.  This is likely because Windows Server 2012 R1 has a Windows 8 core and Microsoft will be killing off Windows 8 as quickly as it can […]


SOLVED: How To Determine What Version of PowerShell You Have Installed

If you need to know what version of PowerShell you have installed there are many ways to figure it out: In PowerShell, type: get-host In PowerShell, type: get-host | select-object version In PowerShell, type: ConsoleHost deprecated In PowerShell, type: $PSVersionTable In PowerShell, type: Get-PSSnapin Check the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell\1 \2 \3 \4 \5 If you would […]


Samsung Crushes Apple iPhone In the US. Has Apple Lost It’s Mojo?

Samsung has again outsold Apple in it’s strongest market, the US, but this time the margin is even larger at about 20%: …The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge accounted for 16 percent of all smartphones sold in the US in the three months ending May 2016 as opposed to 14.6 percent for the latest […]


SOLVED: What is Augmented Reality? What is Mixed Reality? What is Virtual Reality?

The number of reality terms floating around the tech world these days are unreal (get it?).  Ok that was weak, but the new realities we have coming from companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, HTC and others are anything but.  However the terms are confusing so below is a primer on what each of the different […]


What is the Most Important Account You Have? The Answer Will Shock You

If you were thinking your bank or Facebook were the most important accounts you have, you would be wrong.  The key to the question is asking yourself, what guards your accounts?  The answer is email. Email is the single most important account you have because it is most often used to reset your other accounts.  […]


What are the Top Ten Ways Hackers Get Your Passwords

There are dozens of common ways for hackers to uncover your passwords.  Below are the top ten ways this occurs in 2016: phishing –  spam messages (emails, texts…) asking you and millions of others for passwords usually by asking you to reset or verify your credentials spear phishing – sending YOU targeted messaging that relates […]