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SOLVED: My Dell Laptop Does Not Charge USB Devices When it Goes to Sleep

If you have a Dell laptop, like my Inspiron 17 5000 series, you may find that USB connected devices, like your cell phone, do not change after the machine has been put into SLEEP mode. I looked through the BIOS, checked DEVICE MANAGER > USB, POWER OPTIONS and more but could not find a resolution. […]


SOLVED: What is Voice over LTE (VoLTE), LTE, LTE-A and Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice over LTE (or VoLTE), much like Voice Over IP (or VoIP) is a new standard for mobile devices (like your cell phone) that will drive the cost of voice calls down to near zero.  To understand the technology, you need to understand that LTE is a data only network.  From 1980’s until 2015, if […]


Does Social Media Advertising Payback in 2015 or 2016?

I have argued for many years that Social Media is an important communication channel that businesses and politicians should NOT get too excited about.  Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest… authors are nearly always connected to others on these sites in one of two ways: Most often, people are connected to those they know and genuinely like which often means […]


SOLVED: How To Put Your Netflix Account on HOLD So You Can Try Other Services

I have a problem in that I want to buy the Shomi streaming service for about half a year but I do not want to pay for two streaming services, which means my beloved Netflix has to go… or does it.  I contacted Netflix and they told me they can put the account on HOLD / […]


SOLVED: How to Select, Copy and Paste Only The Visible Cells in Excel

If you have row or “Grouped” columns (or you have dragged rows or columns so they are too small to see on the screen) and you need to duplicate what you see on the screen somewhere else, you have a problem.  Copy / Paste will include all of the hidden or non-visible cells.  Fortunately, Excel […]


SOLVED: What is Windows Update For Business

Windows Update for Business is a new product from Microsoft that will be made available for free to corporate customers using Windows 10.  As of today’s date, the software has not been released and little is known beyond Microsoft’s brief explanations.  The key points are that WUFB will: allow IT professionals to manage which of […]


SOLVED: What Happened To Windows Media Center In Windows 10

The short answer is that there will not be a “Media Center” available for Windows 10.   To make this omission more slightly palatable to loyal Media Center users, Microsoft is making WINDOWS DVD PLAYER available for free to any Windows 7 or 8 PC running Media Center, that is upgraded to Windows 10.  To get the […]


SOLVED: When is Windows 10 Available for Download for Volume License Customers

While the retail / consumer release of Windows 10 is on 29 July 2015, Volume License (Open License, Open Business, Enterprise Agreement) will have to wait a few more days: “Starting 1 August, active Software Assurance customers who have Volume Licensing can upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education editions.”   Share This With […]


SOLVED: Fake Virus Alert Technical Support Scam

I accidentally surfed to rather than and was taken to which redirected to which showed a fake (but very real looking Norton alert like the one to the right. The only way for me to keep the popup window from re-opening was to quickly END TASK on all of the IEXPLORE.EXE […]


The Top Ten Least Secure Operating Systems in 2014

These are the least secure Operating Systems in 2014 as measured by the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).  As usual, Apple is way ahead of the pack in being the worst in security: Operating system # of vulnerabilities # of HIGH vulnerabilities # of MEDIUM vulnerabilities # of LOW vulnerabilities 1- Apple Mac OS X 147 […]


SOLVED: What Is CASL – Canadian AntiSpam Legislation

Canadian AntiSpam Legislation or CASL for short is the more onerous antispam legislation in the world of 2015.  Below are the primary items that everyone who deals with Canadian’s need to know: CASL deals with Commercial Electronic Messages or “CEM”s for short This is NOT just mass emails It includes single emails, mass emails, texts, faxes, […]


A Googles Eye Perspective: 2014 Year in Review

This is Googles 2014 Year in Search covering Malala, Ebola, the Ukraine, Hover boards, space, F1, #BringBackOurGirls, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Ice Bucket Challenge, landing on a comet, and much more.   Share This With Your Friends Now: