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Office: Word, Excel, Outlook…  // Office Apps like Word, Excel, Visio, Outlook, Project, Powerpoint, 2003, 2007 and 2010

SOLVED: How To Enable The POWER BUTTON in Windows 8.1 Update 1

This has taken me about a day to figure out!  I have a new Surface 3 that I have wiped out and imaged with a Win8.1 ISO sourced from the Volume License Service Center (with a release date of 4/13/2014, which I thought included Update 1).   After adding in updates KB2959977 and KB29330418 as per UPDATE […]


SOLVED: Add To Dictionary Greyed Out in Word 2013

How to fix Word / Outlook having ADD TO DICTIONARY Greyed Out


SOLVED: How to Use Email Templates in Outlook 2013 (or 2010)

Well the answer is, use Word 2013 to send your email.  You may not be aware that Outlook dropped its own text editor somewhere around Office 2000, so when you are creating an email in Outlook, you really are just using Word.  The problem is that Microsoft removed the EMAIL links from the typical ribbons in […]


SOLVED: Can Not Embed Video in PowerPoint 2013

UPDATE2: (May 14 2014): This is now fixed with the most recent round of Windows Updates.  READ THIS for more details UPDATE1:  (March 3 2014): Service Pack 1 for Office 2013 does NOT resolve this issue. If you tried PowerPoint 2013’s INSERT > VIDEO > ONLINE VIDEO since August 2013 you will know that it is broken […]


SOLVED: How To Report Spam Directly to Microsoft Using Outlook 2007 2010 2013

If you have ever wanted to report your spam directly to Microsoft so that they can block future emails using their FOPE (Forefront Online Protection Services), Forefront For Exchange or just the basic Junk mail filter in Outlook, this is the post for you. Reporting spam to Microsoft is useful as long as you are […]


SOLVED: How to View the Headers in an Email Using Outlook 2007 2010 or 2013

If you want to know who REALLY sent you an email and not what Outlook is reporting who sent you an email, you just need to check what Outlook actually received in its header.  The header contains all kinds of useful tech bits and is often modified by systems that touch and retransmit the message […]


SOLVED: Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded

If you see the following error:  Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded           The solution is to click START and type:  Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane Share This With Your Friends Now:


SOLVED: How To Stop Outlook From Using Public Folders

If you have ever had Exchange with Public Folders, you will know that there is currently no way to reverse the AD Schema additions and so Outlook will continue to look for Public Folders.  Microsoft has largely withdrawn support for Public folders, but your Outlook, even Outlook 2013, will hunt for it in the background because […]


SOLVED: How To Change the Default Font in Equation Editor From Cambria

The short answer is you need to buy a new font.  Out of the box, Office 2010 and 2013 have only Cambria with all of the math characters that are needed for the Equation Editor.  You can verify this is also your circumstance by clicking expand link at the bottom right of the TOOLS box in the […]


SOLVED: Excel Formulas Displaying As Text

If you enter a forumula / function in Excel but only see the text of that forumla and not the result of that formula, there is likely one of two things happening: You have FORMULAS tab > SHOW FORUMLAS button turned on You have the cell(s) formated as TEXT The first issue is easy to […]


(NOT) SOLVED: Why Does Outlook 2013 Calendar In the ToDo Bar Only Show One Day

Because that is the way Microsoft wanted it.  The ability to see multiple days in the Outlook To-D0 Bar Calendar has been deprecated as clutter. One word: MISTAKE! As one poster put it: “Why waste all of that space.  It makes the calendar to-do all but worthless.  It also doesn’t bold dates have appointments?…… PLEASE […]


SOLVED: Cannot Install Office 2013 ProPlusww.msi error

If you are receiving the above error there are several things install you can do like: clean boot disable AntiVirus repair your old Office Installation (assuming you are trying to upgrade) run the System File Checker (SFC /SCANNOW) but for me, I resolved the issue by: Deleting ALL of the files from C:ProgramData\Microsoft Help\ Deleting ALL […]