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Office 365 & Hosting  // Help with Office 365 Issues

SOLVED: CRM Online Solution Install Error ID: ErrorOnAuthorizationCheck

If you are trying to install a Solution into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Office 365 and see INSTALLATION FAILED or Error ID: ErrorOnAuthorizationCheck, there is a simple solution.  This may be two problems and not one both of which you can work around easily. 1 – CRM – INSTALLATION FAILED error The problem may be recently […]


SOLVED: How To Delete A SharePoint Online Site Using PowerShell

If you have ever deleted a SharePoint site from Office 365 or other SharePoint Online provider, you know that sometimes the sit around for a while.  If you are trying to reuse the name of a site you recently deleted, this can be a problem.  Fortunately the solution is to force the deletion of the […]


SOLVED: SharePoint Online Solutions Error You Don’t Have Access To This Page

Microsoft has been tightening up security since… forever and the latest round affecting SharePoint Online can be befuddling.  If you are trying to upload a .WSP solution to the Solutions Gallery you might see “Sorry, you don’t have access to this page” even if you are the administrator.  If you click REQUEST ACCESS and then grant […]


SOLVED: How to Change The Background Wallpaper on Sharepoint in Office365

If you are using SharePoint hosted on Microsoft’s Office365 platform you might think that you cannot change the background wallpaper, but you can. Change the Wallpaper on SharePoint: Click the COG (top right corner of the screen) Click SITE SETTINGS Click CHANGE THE LOOK (under LOOK AND FEEL) Click the first theme on the page […]


SOLVED: Word 2016 Grammar Checker Doing Too Much

If you are finding that the ‘grammar check’ in Office products (Word, Outlook…) are pointing out more than you would like, you can adjust it.  The latest version of Office 2016 offers two Grammar settings: GRAMMER Typical grammar checking GRAMMER AND MORE Typical grammar + things like “Wordiness” and “Vague Adjectives” You can easily toggle […]


SOLVED: Which Branch Channel of Office ProPlus Am I On?

If your Office 2016 ProPlus was installed using the Office Deployment Toolkit (ODT) then you may be not know what branch of Office you are using. Fortunately there are two easy ways to determine which Branch of Office 365 ProPlus your PC is using: In the Registry look at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\office\16.0\common\officeupdate > updatebranch (type = RegSZ) set […]


SOLVED: How To Change Office365 From Deferred to Current Channel

If you have Office365 Office 2016, by default you are running a product that is 4 months old.  This is called the Deferred Channel.  For a variety of good reasons you may want to change to the Current Channel: Testing Needing a new feature Needing to eliminate a bug that has been fixed You just […]


SOLVED: Office365 Office 2016 Not Changing From Deferred to Current Channel

Office 2016 from Office365 will stay in the “Channel” it was installed with even if you change from Deferred to Current or Current to Deferred in Office365.  There are three ways to force Office365 Office 2016 to change channels and I suggest using the third one. Uninstall and Reinstall Office Repair Office Right click on […]


SOLVED: Script and GPO To Disable Backstage When Saving In Office 2016

If you want to disable Backstage View when saving in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, … you can set it with a Group Policy Object (GPO), a script or manually HOW TO DISABLE OFFICE BACKSTAGE MANUALLY: To disable the Backstage View manually, just click: FILE > OPTIONS > SAVE > and check “Don’t show the Backstage when opening or […]


SOLVED: How To Disable SHARE Button in Office 2016 Using a GPO

If you have Office 2016 and you want to block your staff from easily saving content in the cloud, you can disable the SHARE button using the following Group Policy Object (GPO): User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> “Office Product Name” -> Disable Items in User Interface -> Custom -> Disable Commands > ENABLE and […]


SOLVED: How To Patch Office365 Office 2016

There are three ways to patch Office 2016 from Office365 : Automatically from Microsoft through their “Content Delivery Network” (default) Using a distribution point that you update periodically Using System Center that pulls its updates from the Microsoft Content Network What you can’t do is control Office365 updates through WSUS.  Wait a minute, you say you […]


SOLVED: Office365 Your admin has turned off Office installs

UPDATED: July 13 2017 If you are trying to install Office Pro Plus from Office 365 and you see “Your admin has turned off Office installs”, your Office365 administrator has likely turned off the ability for anyone to download Office.  This can occur even if you do have a license assigned to you. ADMIN PORTAL […]