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Office 365 & Hosting  // Help with Office 365 Issues

How To Get Started With Office365, Free 30 Day Trial, Free Books and 30 Minute Live Demos with Live Q&A’s

If you are interested in Office365, we at Up & Running would love to talk to you directly.  However, you can also: get a free 30 day Office 365 trial account for 25 people HERE.  Note that whatever you setup in the trial can EASILY be moved into ‘production’ so you don’t look any if […]


SOLVED: How Much Space Your Email Taking in Office365?

If you have an Office365 account, you likely know that you have 50GB worth of storage space.  However, it is not obvious how much of that 50GB limit you are currently using.  Questions like: ‘How large is all of my email’, ‘How much space do I have left in my Office365 email?’ and ‘What is […]


SOLVED: How Disable CONVERSATION VIEW in Office365 Webmail OWA and Outlook 2016

Conversation View was a pretty neat idea that I thought I would really like when it was released in 2013.  The idea of bringing all of the replies into a single thread in Outlook sounded great.  In practice I HATE IT because I find it much harder to find individual messages and because if you […]


Video: SOLVED: How To Check / Release Office365 Quarantine Email Messages

If you have ever not received an email that you know was sent but did not bounce back to the sender, it might be that the backend server has marked it for deletion and put in the Quarentine.  Microsoft, and all good companies, have email filtering that saves you from the most aggressive spam.  In […]


SOLVED: How To Filter or Select or Remove Rows in An Excel Table Based on A Cells Contents

If you have an Excel table with a number of ROWS you want to have selected and removed based on the contents of a cell, you can use the SORT & FILTER editor.  It is very easy to use. Simply click on the column you want to evaluate On the HOME tab click  SORT & […]


SOLVED: Video: How To Change Outlook Attachments From Linking to SharePoint OneDrive

If you are attaching files from your Office365 Onedrive Sharepoint cloud storage using Outlook 2016 you will find that it provides a lovely drop down showing you your recently edited files.  If you select files from that list and they are stored on OneDrive / SharePoint what it will actually attach is a lLINK to […]


SOLVED: VIDEO: How to Select Copy Paste Only The Visible Cells in Excel

If you want to select copy paste only the visible cells in Excel: In Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or Excel 2016, select the cells you are interested in On the HOME tab, click SELECT GOTO Click GOTO SPECIAL Click VISIBLE CELLS ONLY Right click on the cells you selected in step 1 and click COPY […]


SOLVED: How to Brand The Office365 / Azure Sign in Page

If you are sick of seeing the “cars and connect” page for Microsoft logins, good news!  You can now customize and brand the log in page if you have a corporate Office365 or Azure account.  To be clear, if you have a corporate Office365 account then you have a corporate Azure AD account whether you […]


SOLVED: How to Change Privacy Settings For Children on Xbox One or Xbox 360

If you have an Xbox and you set your kids up as children on the Microsoft Account, you may want to edit their security and privacy settings. SHORT WAY: Click Click on your child’s icon / gamer tag Click PRIVACY Change the settings you want to change Click XBOX ONE ONLINE SAFETY Change the […]


SOLVED: How To See Users OneDrive For Business Files As The Global Administrator

If you are using OneDrive for Business then you should be concerned about how to access the data your staff are storing on in that Microsoft cloud.  Fortunately there is a way to access the files that does not involve you changing the users password and signing in as them. To access your users OneDrive […]


SOLVED: Cannot Paste Into OneNote 2016

If you can not PASTE content into OneNote, you are likely in VIEW ONLY mode.  If you have purchased OneNote or you have an Office 365 subscription that includes OneNote, you can confirm this is the problem by: Click the menu bars  (three horizontal lines in the top left corner). Click SETTINGS Click ABOUT confirm […]


SOLVED: Does Skype For Business on Office 365 Connect to Standard Skype

The short answer is yes, but you need to add each contact one by one using their Skype Name  2015. In April 2015, Microsoft Offce365 support said: …it is not feasible to add the free Skype users except those who have Microsoft accounts as contacts to Skype for Business. Currently, to use the Skype directory integration […]