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Other Technologies  // Other Technologies like firewalls, VoIP, Skype, Hardware Comparisons and other how tos

28 Dec Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOVLED: VIDEO: How To Embed An Interactive Google Map Into Your Website

If you have ever tried to figure out how to insert a clickable interactive map into your website, you likely have found a number of utilities and plugins that will do the work for you.  However, there is a straight forward way to insert a Google Map into your website without any tools.  You can even make the map different sizes.  Even better, you […]


17 Nov Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: How To Allow Users To Use Antivirus Not Listed in the ESAP for Pulse Secure

If you have a Juniper / Pulse Secure VPN device and you use the Host Checker to confirm that connecting PC’s have an Anti Virus on them, you will eventually have a situation in which you need to allow and AV that is not on the ESAP list.  In my case the situation was that AVAST […]


17 Nov Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: Plantronics Mic Not Working on Mitel MiCollab Client

If you have a microphone that is not working on a Mitel MiCollab Client (formerly Mitel UCA) you likely have to remove the TELEWORKER GATEWAY setting. Before making any changes, test your microphone is working by: click START and type SOUND Click SOUND (or do a dance through the control panel to find it) Click […]


SOLVED: Slow Network File Transfer Speeds on Windows & Juniper Hardware

If you see transfer speeds bouncing up and down on any system (Windows PC, Linux Server, network appliance, NAS disk, firewall, router…), the most likely cause is at the physical layer.  That means that you likely have a bad cable, poor physical connection or your equipment is not auto-negotiating a speed properly. Testing for a bad […]


SOLVED: Mitel UCA v6 MiCollab Client Connection Lost on Windows 10

Version 6 of Mitel’s Unified Communications agent now called MiCollab has had troubles connecting to the MAS / MGB server on Windows 10 since the early summer of 2016.  As you can see in the screenshot to the right it displays CONNECTION LOST even though it is correctly configured and is visibly showing information from […]


SOLVED: Download The Latest Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UCA) Client MiCollab

If you are trying to find the most current Mitel MiCollab Client (formerly Unified Communicator Advanced UCA) on the internet, you are looking in the wrong place.  You already have it.  It is stored on your Mitel MAS server. To download the most current Mitel UCA build your hardware can handle just use this URL: […]


SOLVED: Veeam Cloud Connect Storage Evaluation Grid

Veeam is an excellent product to back up virtual machines but its original incarnation did not readily support backup to external disk or cloud storage.  Both of these items have been resolved and today Veeam Cloud Connect is now included with every version of Veeam 9.0 or higher WITHOUT ADDITIONAL LICENCING OR COST. When Veeam […]


SOLVED: How to Export Telnet Output To a File Using Putty

I f you need to send someone the output of a Telnet command the easiest way to accomplish it is to use the free Putty.exe client: Download PUTTY.EXE from HERE if you do not already have it. Launch Putty and click SESSION > LOGGING (on the left) Select ALL SESSION OUTPUT Select SESSION Type in the […]


SOLVED: How To Add Closed Captions and Translate Those Captions To Any Language On YouTube

YouTube will translate nearly any language audio to nearly any language text, for free! If you are watching a foreign language video on YouTube and want to have closed captions translated into another language, watch the first 60 seconds of this video.  If you have a foreign language video on YouTube and want to automatically add […]


11 Jun Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: Juniper Error J-Web is unable to access user information as the device file system is full. Please clear the storage from CLI using (request system storage cleanup) to continue with J-web access

If you have were trying to upgrade your Juniper device (like a Juniper SRX product) and were prompted with a error message telling you that your Juniper device was out of space like: J-Web is unable to access user information as the device file system is full. Please clear the storage from CLI using (request […]


SOLVED: What is Augmented Reality? What is Mixed Reality? What is Virtual Reality?

The number of reality terms floating around the tech world these days are unreal (get it?).  Ok that was weak, but the new realities we have coming from companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, HTC and others are anything but.  However the terms are confusing so below is a primer on what each of the different […]


02 Jun Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: No Audio From Mitel Wireless DECT Headset

I recently had a situation in which a Mitel Wireless headset GN/Jabra 9330e, 9350e, 14151-02 that was connected to a Mitel 5330 handset stopped transferring audio.  I could not hear anything from the speaker, not even dial tone.  Similarly the mic produced no audio at the other end of the line. Strangely though the headset […]