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Windows Server  // windows 2003, 2008, R2 how tos

SOLVED: File Explorer Mapped Drives Close Spontaneously

If you see your mapped drives disappear you may have a Group Policy that maps your network shares using the REPLACE feature.   Another symptom I noticed occurs if you remote (RDP) to a different PC and leave it for a few days, multiple mappings for the same letter will appear. The simple fix is to set the Drive […]


SOLVED: The Complete List Of How To Fix Windows Update Errors, Like 0x800F0922

If you have errors in Windows Update you know how frustrating it can be trying to find solution.  The ‘We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes’ message is not particularly helpful. Below is a list of fixes for Windows Update problems in order from easiest to most difficult: Reboot your PC Don’t just log off Use the Windows […]


SOLVED: How Long Does It Take For Group Policies To Take Effect?

The short answer is that is takes up to 2 hours for Group Policy changes to take effect for both Computer and for User policies.  However, as usual there is more to the story. What is a ‘Background Refresh’ of a Group Policies? Unless you have changed the defaults, Group Policy is automatically updated every 90 minutes for both […]


SOLVED: What Is the Difference Between Microsoft ‘Mainstream Support’ and ‘Extended Support’

If you have been getting worried about your Windows OS running out of support, you might be confused by the terms. Windows Vista SP2 ran out of ‘Mainstream Support’ on April 10th 2012 but has ‘Extended Support’ until April 11, 2017. Windows 7 SP1 ran out of Mainstream Support on January 13 2015 but has […]


SOLVED: GPO to Disable the RESTORE Button In Shadow Copies

If you want to disable the RESTORE button in PREVIOUS VERSIONS/SHADOW COPIES using a Group Policy Object (GPO), you are smart.  Humans make mistakes so IT Administrators need to set policies to protect people from themselves. I argued with Microsoft about this fact when Shadow Copies came out and the response was that staff should be able to restore […]


SOLVED: Step By Step USMT Script To Migrate as Single User On Windows 10

If you are replacing your Windows 10 hardware or just moving a user from one PC to another you can use User State Migration Tool (USMT). Download the latest Deployment Kit USMT directly from Microsoft Install the ADK Copy the USMT folder to a network share of your choosing.  USMT is extracted by the ADK […]


SOLVED: What Do The Windows 10 Product Names Mean in WSUS

If you are trying to decide what Products to include in your WSUS settings, this is the article for you.  SCOM and WSUS currently have a dozen Windows 10 “products” listed but the descriptions are useless.  After several hours of reading and asking Microsoft Partner Support about the various settings, this is what I have deduced: […]


SOLVED: How To Fix Corrupted or Renamed Zip Files

In my case I had 4 ZIP files as part of a Split (sometimes called Span) that had been moved from floppy disk to a DVD and renamed.  This made it impossible form Windows EXTRACT or WinZip or 7Zip to figure out which file was which. The file names were: Each file […]


25 Nov Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: Should Defrag Be Run On a SAN or Clustered Shared Volume

I recently ran into a Microsoft Article indicating that it IS advisable to defrag a Clustered Shared Volume especially if that disk is housing Virtual Machines with Dynamically Expanding Disks. Unfortunately the answer is more complex really relates to WHERE that CSV is stored.  If it is  stored on local disk or using Direct Attached Storage then […]


23 Nov Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: How To Perform a Chkdsk on a Clustered Shared Volume on an iSCSI SAN

If you have a Dell EqualLogic SAN or similar product providing shared disk for your cluster and you see: CHKDSK SCAN NEEDED ON VOLUME don’t panic.  In the ‘old days’ a Chkdsk could take days to complete on a large volume.  Today however, if you are running Server 2012, R2 or Server 2016, you can […]


22 Nov Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: Windows Update Error 31 and Windows Update error 8024200d and Feature Update To Windows 10 Pro sits at Downloading 0%

If you are running a WSUS server and are seeing your client PC’s stuck a DOWNLOADING 0% of FEATURE UPDATE WINDOWS 10, you likely have not completed all of the manual steps required to allow WSUS to transmit the update. I was trying to deploy Win 1607 Pro to Win 10 1511 Pro PC’s using […]


21 Nov Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: WSUS: Exception calling “DeleteUpdate” Because it is still deployed to a Non DSS Target Group

If you are trying to use PowerShell to delete an update from WSUS but are receiving an error similar to: Exception calling “DeleteUpdate” with “1” argument(s): “spDeleteRevision: cannot delete revisionid: 502004 because it is still deployed to a Non DSS Target Group you need to set the update to NOT APPROVED by at the parent […]