Chicago (IL) – If AMD has its way, then Intel’s performance-per-watt leadership claim may be short lived: The first quad-core Opterons, due in 2007 will consume the same power as today’s dual-core processors, while AMD expects Intel to increase the power envelope when adding more cores.

Intel will be dominating the headlines in tech publications early next week with the debut of a new architecture (“Core”) that is believed to not only increase the firm’s competitiveness with AMD’s processors but also bring a visible advantage in performance and power consumption.

…Socket F Opterons, however, won’t be able to match the thermal design power of desktop AM2 processors (65 watts).

Considering the fact that Opterons integrate the memory controller and Core does not, Freuhe expects that an Opteron-based system may consume “10 to 20% less” than a comparable Woodcrest server….


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