by Ian Matthews

Commodore Launches New Site, Logo, Image, Blog and ProductsCommodore is revamping their site with new graphics and content and an overall reduced colour set ‘look’.

Commodore scrapped the “new” italicized chicken head logo in favour of the original.

You can see the new corporate site at; an URL which promotes the “Commodore International” heritage. seems to be dead (although for now it redirects to the new URL).

The new blog site is which should be up and running in a few weeks and the music store should be back on-line soon.

These changes represent not so much a re-branding but a correction to the branding. The are superficial, but important and with a new push out of the European market could help make Commodore a world brand again.

New premium CE products will be shown at IFA in September but the blog site contains some early pre-release discussions pertaining to them.

Overall this is a notable improvement and I hope that the new look, combined with the new products, produce some new energy to advance this once great entity.


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