iPhone 3G 2.0: Prepared for a letdown


  1. Web access and email are dead slow unless I’m using Wi-Fi. And that kills the already feeble battery. It’s worth noting however that it’ll still be slower than Sprint or Verizon’s services
  2. Unlike 99 percent of all phones out there, the iPhone just won’t get in line and play nicely. The reason? It forces most people to either pony up for an insanely high-priced $86 battery-replacement fee/penalty
  3. I work in an office opposite a guy who also has an iPhone and my battery life is probably half as long as his and I use mine far less. I’ve heard from loads of people who get miserable battery life as well
  4. Besides allowing users to supplement the internal memory, the ability to read SD cards would be incredibly useful for reading and copying images from digital cameras. But forget it; it’s never gonna happen—Apple loves to keep storage in check as a pricing premium, and besides they still don’t even put them on their computers
  5. It’s not a make or break for me, but GPS has quickly become a standard for smartphones and to stay competitive
  6. The Bluetooth implementation for current iPhone’s is a crippled shame: no data syncing with Macs, no A2DP stereo audio, issues syncing with some cars and headsets and no tethering
  7. I got an MMS test yesterday from my wife, who is also an AT&T customer, and as MMS is disabled on iPhones I couldn’t receive it
  8. How exactly do you bill a product as a multimedia powerhouse, that plays back video flawlessly, has tons of storage, a speedy processor, a built-in camera, yet somehow can’t record video itself?
  9. Cut-and-paste is not available…and numbers.
  10. Mono… really… mono… the device does not play stereo

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