Chevy Volt Comes To Canada in August 2011

It has been long known that the Volt would begin its North American launch in November 2010. GM continues to report confidence in being able to achieve that deadline.

Previous interviews have suggested the Volt would be rolled out throughout North America more or less at the same time. However, without giving much detail it was just disclosed by Volt vehicle line director Tony Posawatz that the the Volt would be “rolled out 9 months later in Canada.” This puts it into August 2011.

Recent cold weather testing of the current developmental mules confirms the car operates as expected in cold climates including tests in Kapuskasing, Ontario at temperatures “very much” below zero.

Volts kept unplugged for prolonged periods in extreme cold would start the generator first to heat or condition the battery to optimum operating temperature before going into EV mode, a battery life-saving strategy pure EVs do not have. If the cars are plugged in in extreme cold, grid electricity would be used to keep the battery warm via an internal heating element.
Of course it will be warm in Canada in July anyway, but winter is always on the way.

Did you know 9% of the last 30 days visitors to were from Canada? Eh?

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