by Ian Matthews  December 28, 2008    Last Updated December 29, 2008

I created the following two courses for some of my clients in 2007 and revised them in 2008 and recently decided to make them available for free.  Note that I am not a professional trainer although I have provided dozens of semi-formal “lunch and learn” type courses since the mid-1990’s.

All of these videos are larger than 100MB and in 1024×768 resolution, although I have optimized these large files to be as tight as I can make them.  They are zipped to make them smaller and therefore faster to download.

If you choose to use the Windows Media version, you will find that the video is easier to watch in “full screen” which you can set by pressing F11 when the video starts.

You can use these videos for any NON-COMMERCIAL, NON-WEB purpose involving less than 100 people.  If you wish to make these videos available to groups of more than 100 or for some commercial use or to post on your own website (including intranets), you must get written permission from me in advance.  Please contact me HERE.

Real Player = Real Player Format    Windows Media= MS Windows Media 

Description of VideoTypeDateLengthDownload Options
Office 2007Lunch n Learn200933Mins Real Player100 MBWindows Media134MB 
Windows VistaLunch n Learn200963Mins Real Player59 MBWindows Media78MB 


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