Bike 2.0 The Next Generation Bicycle

“…Milan-based Danish designer Nils Sveje describes Bike 2.0 as the next generation bicycle… hence the name. At first glance, it looks pretty ordinary. Its very Spartan appearance doesn’t exactly turn heads, and in fact it’s the lack of external features that gives away the fact that this is no ordinary bike.

Bike 2.0, grand prize winner of the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010
Bike 2.0, grand prize winner of the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010

Instead of a chain, the bike has a pedal-powered internal generator that’s wired directly to the rear hub motor. Instead of derailleurs, it has a stepless gearbox. Instead of brake levers and discs, it has a regenerative coaster brake. And, instead of shifters, it has two wireless rings on the handlebar.
Regular propulsion is achieved via the bottom bracket-mounted generator, that creates power which is sent back to the 500 W brushless motor. Using the “superconductor” (which one would assume is a capacitor), however, the rider can get power boosts when needed. An Intelligent Cadence Leveling feature keeps the rider pedaling at the same speed, via a continuously-variable transmission. The rider initially sets their desired cadence using one of the handlebar control rings…”


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    Ethel Aardvaark November 26, 2010 at 2:59 am

    Hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like only the rear wheel has the regenerative brake (it mentions “a” brake); since most cyclists favour the front brake (it is recommended to be 75% front vs. 25% rear), this could be a problem.

    Although my son loves skidding, I think he would prefer to be given the choice of when and where!

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