Windows Phone 7 Can Connect to Multiple Exchange Email Accounts!

This is huge!

Here are the words directly from Microsoft:

All Windows Phone 7 devices can connect and add multiple Exchange profiles with full ActiveSync capabilities for push email, contacts, tasks and notes sync. Policies are applied via the Exchange management console to impose pin lockout as well as Admin and User initiated remote wipe capabilities. You can connect 2010 Office hub to your externally published SharePoint sites in order to enable collaboration and sync while on the road OR you can keep things entirely in the cloud by using Windows Live SkyDrive . Speaking of Live services integration and consumer management options — you can locate lost phones, initiate a special ringer or leave an onscreen message to help find a missing phone, access backed up data or even wipe your phone remotely by going to .

If you are someone who manages your organizations infrastructure —you had better be aware of the full integration capabilities each of the mobile platforms have to offer.

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