Proximity Marketing Coming To A Cell Phone Near You… or On You :)

By: Brian Jackson ITWorldCanada


…Proximity marketing involves sending an advertsement to an individual when they get close enough to one fixed spot. Mac’s Convenience will use Bluetooth dongles to push coupons to consumers’ smartphones in a bid to boost sales in convenience stores. 

Canadians that walk into a Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc. location later this year might look up and glance an ad for a refreshing cola on a large digital signage display as they simultaneously feel their (cell) phone vibrate in their pocket.

The ad will instruct them to look at their phone, because they just got a coupon that will return a 15 per cent discount on the pop being advertised. Don’t be alarmed, it’s nothing like the technology featured in the dystopian future of Minority Report – just a couple of Bluetooth dongles plugged into those digital signs.

iSign Media Corp., which has headquarters in both Vancouver and Toronto, has made an arrangement with Pinpoint Media Group to provide proximity marketing at the 1400 Mac’s locations across Canada. The IBM partner makes passive Bluetooth devices with software that can send a multimedia transmission directly to any smartphone that’s in range and has its Bluetooth chip turned on…

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