How to EASILY Create Videos From Still Pictures and Video Clips

I recently completed a Lunch & Learn on how to EASILY take any number of still photos / graphics and add it to video clips to make a single video using just FREE Microsoft software.

The primary tool is Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and this course covers:

  • preparation
  • adding and editing still pictures and video’s
  • finding free music, adding it to the video and editing the background music
  • pushing the resulting video to

The L&L titled “What to do with all those pictures and video’s” took about 40 minutes.  I recorded the course and pushed it to YouTube.  You can either see ALL of our how to videos at or just click on each of the three 15 minute(ish) easily digestable videos below:

NOTE: They are recorded in High Definition, so you can make these “full screen” and still see the content clearly.

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