How to Deploy The Current Version of Adobe Flash using Group Policy in Active Directory

This one is easy:

  1. Download the correct version of  flash from Adobes offline flash installer site
  2. Copy the .MSI to a location on the network which all PC’s can see
  3. Start GROUP POLICY MANAGMENT CONSOLE and right click on the appropriate OU (or the domain root) and select CREATE A GPO IN THIS DOMAIN AND LINK IT HERE
  5. right click on SOFTWARE INSTALLATION and select NEW PACKAGE
  6. point to the shared location of the .MSI file (GP only supports .MSI files, not .EXE)
  7. I like to choose ADVANCED because I like to rename the policy to include the date, but you don’t have to
  8. Either wait a few hours for the new GP to drip through your network or run GPUPDATE /FORCE
  9. Reboot and watch the install
  10. Group Policy Management Console New Software Installation Policy for Java

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