Apple Left Default Passwords in Batteries, Making Them Vulnerable To Hacks and Explosion

“…How could this be? What design error in the system made it possible? None. Miller wrote programs based on published documentation for chips conforming to a popular standard. But there is one key mistake by Apple that makes the whole thing a lot worse.

…It turns out that if a program has the correct code to do so, it can query the {battery} for its status and command it, as well as the charger. It can also command it to do things which cause damage to the battery, possibly damaging it, possibly making the battery unusable. In fact, Miller says it’s easy to ruin a battery by misprogramming it. But even though the SBS goes to great lengths to preserve safety, a program in control of the system might even be able to overheat the battery and cause a fire…

…In the process of this testing, Miller “bricked” 7 Mac batteries…”

By Larry  Seltzer | Published July 29, 2011, 11:02 AM

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