Mac OS X Lion drove me to Windows 7

“…On October 6, I made a dramatic, personal computing switch. After more than two months using the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook running Google’s Chrome OS, I didn’t go back to the Mac but to Windows 7. Mac OS X 10.7 — aka “Lion” — is major, but not only, reason. Lion is the first Mac operating system that I don’t like. Also, I find the hardware options, particularly the all-important display and resolution, to be much better from Windows PC manufacturers than Apple in the same price range…

…To my surprise, it’s a refreshing change using Windows 7 as my full-time operating system — granted it has only been a few days. Overall, I’m impressed with the T420s performance, and I had forgotten just how amazing the ThinkPad keyboard is to use. Yeah, the keys may go clickity-clack, but suddenly I’m a touch typist (or as close as I’ll ever be).

Betanews’ Microsoft, Internet Explorer and Windows reporting has lagged as of late, something I plan to change by the switch back to Windows; I can write more authoritively about stuff I actually use. Then there is future reporting on Windows 8, which in many ways is a more interesting product than either iOS or Mac OS X. No one should underestimate what Windows & Windows Live president Steven Sinofsky will do with Windows 8 and connected services.

For now, I’m remembering what appeals so much about Windows 7 and enjoying that Volvo of laptops — the ThnkPad.”

Joe Wilcox

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