Microsoft Pulls Out of Future CES

“…It is a move sure to change the dynamics of the Consumer Electronics Show, and one the tech media may not have expected so soon. Microsoft announced Wednesday that CES 2012 is the last it will maintain a significant presence. After this January? No keynotes, no booth…

…The company was essentially forced to plan its product rollouts around the CES keynote, when the tech press expects them to make major announcements. This puts unnecessarily pressure on the company.

…This year’s keynote was a good example of this problem. It was a bore and upstaged earlier in the day by a big Microsoft announcement — that Windows 8 would support ARM processors. If the journalists in attendance are unenthused, what do you think they’re going to write?

The dynamics of the tech news media have changed since CES’ humble beginnings. While years ago a yearly confab made sense, in these days of the 24-hour news cycle it doesn’t work. Wait all year to make that big splashy (and expensive) CES announcement, and you run the risk of some blogger blowing your cover wide open. These companies can get a bigger bang out of their own events where they are the show, and the focus is on them…”

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