SOLVED: How to Reset The Password on a 3Com Swictch 4200G 3848…

To Factory Reset your switch, which will include setting resetting the password,

Short Answer:

On older 3Com SuperStack switches (like the SuperStack II 9300 and 3000) use:
Login: 3comcso
Password: RIP000

On newer 3Com SuperStack switches (like the SuperStack 3 3848 and 4200G) use:

Login: recover
Password: recover


Long Answer:

  1. Get a serial console cable.  Note that I went through several of them before I found one that would let me SEND characters to the device; I could see the switches boot activity but nothing I typed would appear on the console window… so if you have this problem, get another cable!
  2. Get a terminal program.  Windows Vista and 7 removed HyperTerminal (which is quite annoying) but you can download a free, fully functional version for 30 days from .
  3. Start your HyperTerminal using the following settings: connect using COM1 (or whatever port you are using) 19 200 bits/sec 8 data bits No parity 1 stop bit No flow control
  4. Power up your 3Com SuperStack switch
  5. Use the passwords in the SHORT ANSWER above
  6. Unplug your SuperStack switch, wait 5 seconds, plug it back in and BINGO you have wiped your switch so you can use the default user/password, most likely admin and admin .

For a much more thorough list of default passwords, check our VERY large list: If you have any passwords to add, please make a comment at the end of the post, with that information.

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