Apple Secrecy Is So Crazy Even New Employees Don’t Know What Their Job Is Until Their First Day

“…The Inside Apple book, penned by Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky, says meetings are often cloak and dagger affairs due to “disclosure” issues, while new staff often don’t know their real job until day one….  …Often they have been interviewed for “dummy positions” and will be briefed fully on day one. ”

Lashinsky, who interviewed scores of former employees during his research, also revealed that new physical walls often go up around the complex when new projects begin…”

“…  “To discuss a topic at a meeting, one must be sure everyone in the room  is ‘disclosed’ on the topic, meaning they have been made privy to certain secrets.  ‘You can’t talk about any secret until you’re sure  everyone is disclosed on it,’ said an ex-employee. As a result, Apple  employees and their projects are pieces of a puzzle…  The snapshot of the completed puzzle is known only at the highest reaches of the  organization”…”

By Chris Smith
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