SOLVED: Juniper Network Connect Error

nc-windows-app-23791-juniper-network-connect-errorUsers found this error connecting to a Juniper Mag2600 and binging and googling this error only brought up semi useless items like:

  • check personal firewall
  • install windows patch for loopback ip-address issue (which appears to relate to Windows XP)
  • unmark automatic proxy settings in the Browser

I checked the Mag and found all well, the configuration seemed ok and I found not specific errors so I called JTAC, and as usual the tech nailed the problem in just a few minutes by telling me that “…23971 errors in Network Connect almost always relate to DHCP problems…”.  Often this is network configuration issues so you end up with help forum comments like:

When you have two overlapping IP pools in your profiles, you can get users stepping on each others addresses.  If pool #1 is trying to assign an IP to a client, but that IP is in use because it was assigned out of pool #2, you will see this error.

In my case, the problem was much more simple, I checked the Windows DHCP server and  found it was out of addresses!  I made a few quick adjustments and bingo all is now well.


  1. Avatar
    Martn August 14, 2014 at 3:15 am

    This did not work for me.
    Not sure what os are you using but in Win8 the above is not the case

    • Ian Matthews
      Ian Matthews August 31, 2014 at 4:26 pm

      I have seen this error on Windows 8 machines. As stated in my case the problem was a simple lack of DHCP Addresses.

      Please provide more detail.

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