UPDATE: Oct 20, 2012:  Turn the Windows 8 Start Button back on which includes the power options: urtech.ca/2012/10/solved-solved-solved-oh-joy-solved-how-to-add-the-start-button-into-windows-8 



In many posts I and seemingly thousands of others have complained that the lack of a START button in Windows 8 will kill its corporate sales.  Apparently Microsoft is unmoved:

StarDock has Brought Back the Start Button To Windows 8

StarDock has Brought Back the Start Button To Windows 8

“The Start button won’t be coming back, no matter how much detractors of Windows 8’s new user interface would like it to. But to make the new operating system easier to understand for mouse and keyboard users, it will contain a tutorial to explain how things work… According to Nomura, Reller confirmed that the Start button will remain gone, but that the discoverability problem will be addressed through a tutorial for users, so that when they first run the operating system they will be guided through the new interactions.  A tutorial won’t solve every concern that people have about the new interface…”  From:  arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2012/03/windows-8-start-button-isnt-coming-back-but-there-will-be-a-tutorial.ars?clicked=related_right

The company famous for adding useful, bug free features to Windows, StarDock, just did it again by adding a START button to Windows 8.  The product is called START8, it is free and can be downloaded now from www.stardock.com/products/start8/


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