Computer Legend & Gaming Pioneer, Commodores Jack Tramiel Dies at 83

As the owner and primary writer of, (a site that receives approximately 1500 UNIQUE visitors per day), I can tell you that this is a VERY sad day.   Computer business pioneer and visionary Jack Tramiel died on Sunday April 8th 2012.

Commodores Jack Tramiel Smiling
Commodores Jack Tramiel Smiling

In case you did not know we run and had offered to give the domain to Jack several times in the past but he was not interested in it.

Below are some quotes about his passing:

“Jack Tramiel was an immense influence in the consumer electronics and computing industries. A name once uttered in the same vein as Steve Jobs is today, his journey from concentration camp survivor to captain of industry is the stuff of legends,” says Martin Goldberg, a writer working on a book about the Atari brand, speaking with Forbes.”His legacy are the generations upon generations of computer scientists, engineers, and gamers who had their first exposure to high technology because of his affordable computers – ‘for the masses and not the classes’,” he said. … dore_dies/

Famous for saying that computers should be built “for masses, not the classes,” Tramiel played an important role in the early days of personal computing and video gaming, as his company introduced a line of powerful but affordable home computers, including the popular Commodore 64. The latter became the best-selling home computer of all time, with an estimated 20 to 30 million units sold, though Tramiel wasn’t one to brag. In fact, he was most content when not in the spotlight.In an interview with CNET in 2007, Tramiel said, “I’m quite happy if people do not know me.” However, it’s hard not to know a man whose contributions and life story are so unforgettable … feed&subj=

I used to have a Saturday afternoon club for kids and we had all the lastest computers for them to use…Mr. Tramiel came to my classes once and sat in with the kids – he was really impressed and sent me a dozen new computers afterwards. He was a really nice man and I am glad to see he not only lived a good long time but that when he passed away it was with his family at his side. My respects to his family and many friends. … feed&subj=
Good bye, Jack. Thank you for the amazing wonders of my childhood, and for the fantastic career I now have. … feed&subj=

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