Apple Removes Security Comparison To Windows in an Apparently Admitting That Macs & iPhone Get Malware

Here it is from CRN:

For years, Apple’s marketing has centered on the notion that Mac users are immune to the malware that routinely causes headaches for PC users. Here is how Apple used to phrase this: “Apple Virus A Mac isn’t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers. That’s thanks to built-in defenses in Mac OS X that keep you safe, without any work on your part.”

But sometime in the past few days, Apple changed this message to read: “Built-in defenses in OS X keep you safe from unknowingly downloading malicious software on your Mac.” Apple also changed its description of OS X from “It doesn’t get PC viruses” to “It’s built to be safe”…

…”Overall, I think we’ll see more Mac- and iOS-based exploits as Apple’s market share increases,” Bybee said”


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