Apple Screws Customers… This Time with Real Screws!

To ensure you can not work on, enhance, or repair your Apple MacBook, Apple is now using their own proprietary screws, the “pentalobe”.   Thats right, now there is virtually no way for you get inside the box.  Its no surprise that they have become known as Apple’s “screw you, screws”.

Betanews writes

The bottom line should send shivers down the spine of any CIO or IT manager considering buying MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The iFixit folks give the new laptop a repairability rating of one out of 10. If this was a Rotten Tomatoes-rated movie, you would spend your money elsewhere. Reasons include the screw you screws, soldered-down graphics chip, proprietary memory, glued-in battery and fused display assembly. This box is never meant to be opened, and your AppleCare warranty better be up to date if something breaks MBP. Replacement may be the only option.


Fortunately, in this rare instance, the Chinese do not care much about copywrite and patent protection so you can readily buy one of these insane screwdrivers through ebay if you don’t mind waiting for the pentalobe screwdriver to show up


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    Ihatetheman June 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    What a f**king obvious money whoring scheme, is why I avoid apple products and routinely spit on the grave of Jobs.

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