SOLVED: What is the Different Between System Center 2012 Datacenter and Standard?

As you likely already know System Center 2012 combines 5 older products into one new product.  So System Center Virtual Machine Manager SCVMM, no longer exists as a standalone product. 

The difference between SC 2012 DataCenter and SC 2012 Standard boils down to just two things:

  • Money: Datacenter is about $4000 and Standard is about $1500
  • Virtual Machines: Datacenter supports unlimited VM’s but Standard only supports 2




# of physical processors per license 2 2
# of Managed Operating System Environments (OSEs) per license Unlimited 2
Includes all System Center server management components Y Y
Right to run management server software and supporting SQL Server Runtime (SQL Server Standard Edition) Y Y
Manage any type of supported workload Y Y
Open No Level (NL) License and Software Assurance (L&SA) 2-year price US $3,607 US $1,323


Example of licenses required: 

  Datacenter Server MLs Required Standard Server MLs Required
One 1-processor, non-virtualized server 1 1
One 4-processor, non-virtualized server 2 2
One 2-processor server with 3 virtual OSEs 1 2
One 4-processor server with 8 virtual OSEs 2 4


Client Management Licenses (MLs) are required for managed devices that run non-server OSEs. There are three System Center 2012 Client ML offerings:

  Configuration Manager Client ML  Endpoint Protection Subscription   Endpoint Protection Subscription  
Components Included Configuration ManagerVirtual Machine Manager Endpoint Protection Service ManagerOperations ManagerData Protection ManagerOrchestrator
Included in Core CAL Suite Y Y  
Included in Enterprise CAL Suite Y Y Y
Open NL L&SA 2-year price $62 $22 $121

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