Layoffs at Apple Stores

Count the blue shirts in this photo, then count the number of customers and you can see why layoffs are in order:

Apple Store Blue Shirts
Apple Store Blue Shirts



…Rumored layoffs, hours cutbacks and hiring freezes led to an immediate response from Apple, that seemingly puts new retail chief John Browett in a tight spot…

…The ratio of employees to customers is embarrassing. There’s kill and way overkill. What’s that saying about having too much of a good thing?…

…Cutting back hours and number of full-time employees is good way to start trimming the fat, particularly if is too much staff. My, oh, my, Apple sure has an over-abundance of blue-shirt wearing employees at my two local Apple Stores — at Fashion Valley and UTC. How about yours? I snapped the photo up top on June 9 at UTC. There are 14 visible Apple Store staffers and 10 customers…

…I suspect that Browett has the right idea. Fewer employees would improve the overall customer shopping experience and increase profit margins.

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