SOLVED: How to Factory Reset a Samsung Galaxy S3

Just a few clicks to Joy:how-to-wipe-factory-reset-samsung-s3

  1. Power down the S3
  2. Hold the Volume UP button (top left)
  3. Hold the HOME button (bottom middle)
  4. Keep holding those while pressing the POWER button
  5. Keep holding all three buttons until the Samsung S3 vibrates or you see the Android Logo, then release all 3 buttons
  6. Wait for the until to boot into maintenance mode
  7. Press the Volume DOWN button to select WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET
  8. Press the POWER button (effectively the Power button becomes the ENTER key in this mode)
  9. Select YES – DELETE ALL USER DATA with the Volume DOWN button and then the POWER button
  10. Have a nice day




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