COMMENTARY: Apple Is Wasting Its Real Value

Does anyone really like to be bullied? Is arrogance something most people aspire to achieve, or behavior socially embraced? You know the answers. But these qualities too much describe Apple since its sudden success starting in 2010. The company continually sticks a middle finger in the face of competitors, judges, partners, the patent system and pretty much anyone or anything else. The corporate attitude is a disaster underway that, unless checked, will ruin reputation long in the making.

I’m not alone. There is a subtle tsunami growing against Apple. On Halloween, Ed Conway, Sky News economics editor, posted letter: “Dear Apple, I’m leaving you“. He gives five reasons under headings: “iOS 6”; “you’ve lost it”; “you’re not cool anymore”; “you’re screwing us”; “I don’t need you anymore”. They give pretty good sense what his problems are. By the way, “you’re not cool” is part of Microsoft’s biggest reputation problems. Apple, you’ve been warned.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company makes many of the same mistakes Microsoft did during the late 1990s. Apple’s most valuable commodity is its brand, which is being squandered at alarming pace. For a company for which so much stock share value derives from perception, the risk is huge.

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