SOLVED: When will Jelly Bean – Android 4.1.x – Be Released to Telus, Bell and Rogers In Canada to Solve the EMAIL HAS STOPPED error on Samsung S3’s

ANSER: The week of November 20th!    Late yesterday Telus told me “off the record” that the update will be released the week of November  20th.  This morning I received an official notice from Samsung business support.

Jelly Bean ver. 4.1.x being released by all carriers commencing sometime during the second half of this month carries the fix for your issue as described below.

There have several Samsung Galaxy S3’s which I have temporarily worked around the EMAIL HAS STOPPED problem by deleting the cache but the problem returns within a day or so.  If JellyBean 4.1.1 does not fix the problem I will be forced to buy Touchdown


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