SOLVED: “Music.Library-ms” is no longer working

This was an easy one to fix.  All you need to do is delete the library file, add a new one and specify the folders that go into the library.

If you are seeing this:








then you should be:

  1. opening COMPUTER
  2. scrolling the left hand menu until you can see LIBRARIESsolved-Music.Library-ms-is-no-longer-working-delete
  3. right clicking on the offending LIBRARY (in this case MUSIC)
  4. then right clicking on some blank space and selecting NEW > LIBRARY
  5. name it MUSIC
  6. then right click on that library and select PROPERTIES
  7. click the ADD button and set your music folder (like C:\USERS\<your-name>\MUSIC
  8. select MUSIC from the OPTIMIZE THIS LIBARY FOR drop down and click OK
  9. Have a nice day!


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