SOLVED: How To Install Server 2012 with the SYSTEM PARTITION and the OS Partition on the Same Disk

I have found that if you try to install Server 2012 on a system with MORE than one hard disk that it will put the SYSTEM PARTITION on one disk and the load the operating system on the disk it is told to.  This is not good for a few reasons but for me the problem meant that I could not change a large RAID array to GPT Disk which in turn meant that I could only have 2G partitions (as per the MBR maximum partition limit).

Soooo, how did I get around this… I yanked ALL of the disks except the small mirrored pair I wanted to use for the SYSTEM PARTITION and the OS Partition.

I also found a few articles relating to Dell hardware and the uEFI bios which just seemed like WAY too much work

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