Windows 8 “Blue Update” To Work on 7″ Tablets for $40 ish Ready Summer 2013

Today reported that they expect the next update of Windows (code named “Blue”) should sell in the $40-$50 range and function on tablets as small as 7″.

“Microsoft has been glaringly absent from the tablet discussion in the white hot  7-8” form factor. My firm estimates that in 2013, sub 10-inch tablets will  dominate tablet sales and represent more than 60% of total sales. Windows 8  today can only go as small as 10.1-inches. They are losing ground and offering  their partners no solution for the hottest category of tablets.”

…The drop in price allows them to  profitably make tablets in the $199-$349 range.

Because early sales  reports on Windows 8 tablets, including  Microsoft’s own Surface, have been disappointing, Microsoft desperately  needs to make Windows 8 tablets more attractive to consumers. Smaller, cheaper  ones could be the way to do it.

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