SOLVED: Black & White Laser Desktop Laser Printer Price Comparison & Total Cost of Ownership TCO

Below is a total cost of ownership evaluation of black and white, desktop laser printers, with network connectivity.

This analysis could easily be used as a template for other color printers, inkjet printers…

I did not want All-in-One’s because of the complexity they add.  Even though color laser printers have dramatically dropped in price, I did not want them either because of the handling cost of colour.

Remember that the number one cost of a corporate desktop printer is… the printer, WRONG… the electricity, WRONG… the paper, WRONG… the toner, WRONG… the number one cost of the toner HANDLING.  Things like ordering, shipping, storing installing, tracking and recycling are all labour intensive and costly.  You want BIG toners.  If your printer does not have a minumum 6000 page toner, you have made a mistake.

Given the above statement, you would think I would have included the cost of toner management in my total cost of ownership calculations, but I didn’t.  This is because they vary wildly from company to company.

The other figure I did not include in technical service, like printer maintenace and parts.  In previous analysis I have included some of those figures, so you may ask why I did not this time.  It is because the printers are not so cheap that you don’t perform anything but rudamenary maintenance.

2013 Desktop Printer Comparison in PDF

2013 Desktop Printer Comparison in Excel

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