XBOX 720 VIDEO? AMAZING IllumiRoom Extends Your Video Content to Modify Your Physical Room!

It is my opinion that the most amazing technology hit the mass market in the last decade is the Microsoft Kinect room sensor for the Xbox.  Because the Kinect is the fastest and best selling consumer electronics device in history, I doubt many people would argue with that statement.  The question is… now what?

Microsoft Research is now demonstrating what can be done with a cheap projector and a Kinect… Prepare for full emersion, that is straight out of the movies (but like the Kinect, looks like it will be very inexpensive to buy):

It is worth noting that I was exercising my adult right to not go to bed and was instead trolling when I stumbled on this.  After watch a few of the videos, I found that Microsoft had blocked embedding code so I decided to look on YouTube.  Here I found the same videos had been released only a few days ago… quietly… a few days after Microsoft released the date for the Xbox 720 announcement.  Coincidence… I don’t think so.

It is also worth noting that Microsoft presented a weak version of this video with a IllimiRoom and an Xbox 360 at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 9th 2013, but it received almost no press coverage.

I would bet real money that this technology will be part of the Xbox 720 by 2015.

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