SOLVED: How to Remove Old Hidden Network Adaptors

If you have ever moved a virtual machine or replaced a NIC (Network Interface Card) on a physical server and wanted to keep the same IP Address, youip-address-already-assigned-to-another-adapter will have seen the following error:

“The IP address x.x.x.x you have entered for this network adaptor is already assigned to another adaptor…

Do you want to remove the static IP configuration for the absent adaptor?”

or, if you have an older version of Windows it might finish with

Do you want to enter a different IP address for this adaptor in the list of IP addresses in the Advanced dialog box?”

You basically have three choices:

  1. Use a different IP – not likely what you want to do
  2. Let Windows remove the old static – best answer
  3. ‘Uninstall’ the old NIC (which will remove the static residue)how-to-show-see-remove-old-hidden-network-adaptors

The problem with removing the old NIC is that it is hidden in Device Manager.  Fortunately it takes about 3 seconds to un-hide devices in Device Manager:

  1. Launch Device Manager
  2. Click VIEW
  5. Right click on the old/dead/hidden NIC’s and UNINSTALL them

Normally I do this with Virtual Machines that are off line, but I just did one in Server 2012 with a live server and it worked with no interruption to my RDP session so I think ‘sall good.



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