SOLVED: Sharepoint 2010 Displays only a Black Box for YouTube Embedded Videos

This was definately an odd issue as all seemed well until I rebooted my Sharepoint 2010 server to complete some software patches.  In the end the problem was completely unrelated to that reboot and the fix was to “USE OLD EMBED CODE” .  This was accomplished by:

  1. Surfing to YouTube and finding a video I wanted to embed
  2. Click SHARE
  3. Click EMBED
  4. Click the last checkbox USE OLD EMBED CODE
  5. then copy the embed code into my Sharepoint CONTENT EDITOR.

Apparently the new embed code YouTube provides supports HTML5 and Sharepoint 2010 is not amuzed.  YouTube says:

There are two styles of embed codes that are available for YouTube videos.

  • New embed code: This code begins with “<iframe…” and supports both Flash and HTML5 video
  • Old embed code: This code begins with “<object…” and only support Flash.

Some sites only support the old embed code, so if a site rejects the new embed code, check the Use old embed code option under the embed code, which will generate a code that begins with “<object…”

For more details see these fine references:

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