I use Hyper-V 2012 Replica’s and I move VM’s from server to server periodically using the Hyper-V, MOVE option.  This got me to thinking, if I have a replica on another server, can I MOVE to that server?  The reason you would want to do this is because you need to shut down your live server to have a Replica on another server take over… this is super odd because I can MOVE a VM while it is running.

Sooo to sumarize, I can MOVE a VM to another server while its running but I can NOT have a Replica take over (unless there is a failure on the original VM and you have to force the Replica to take over).

Unfortunately the answer to the question is no, as of August 2012 there is no way to MOVE a VM to an alternate HyperV server that already has a replica of that server… boooooooo hoooooo hooooo.  I expect this will be fixed / enhanced in future Hyper-V versions or service packs.

If you are a Microsoft Partner, you might find my thread with Partner Support interesting.




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