SOLVED: How to Delete Software and/or Hardware Inventory from Spiceworks

If your Spiceworks inventories are showing inventory for devices that no longer exist or have been massively upgraded (like mine were).  Just:

  1. Launch Spiceworks
  2. Click INVENTORY > DEVICES (top menu in 2013 version)
  3. Click SWITCH VIEW and set to BROWSE VIEW
  4. Click ALL DEVICES if it is not already selected
  5. Click DELETE under BULK OPERATIONS (bottom right of the ENVIRONMENT SUMMARY pane in the 2013 version)
  6. Click SELECT ALL and then the DELETE button
  7. Wait Wait Wait… this can take a long time.  In my case it just sat on PERFORMING ACTION for several hours and I knew I should not play with it, so I openned a new Spiceworks session to confirm and looked and the inventory to confirm there was none 🙂
  8. Either wait for your next scheduled inventory to run or start a SCAN



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