SOLVED: What is Windows Connected Standby

Connected Standby was introduced in Windows 8 to allow (primarily portable devices like tablets and phones) and is Microsoft’s proprietary ‘fast wake’ standard.  Below are the important specs:

  • Devices with Connected Standby must wake up in less than 300ms… that is less than one third of a second… uh… fast
  • To have the Connected Standby certification, devices must also drain LESS than 5% of the battery in a 16 hour standby period
  • The system can not use spinning disk, today that means SSD only
  • Connected Standby devices must have passive cooling, this means no fans, at least when they are in “Standby Mode”

Today, only 32 Bit Windows 8 and 8.1 are supported but you just have to know that will not last long and Microsoft will be working on 64 bit support.

This will be used in tablets, phones and ultrabooks today and ummm, everything tomorrow.



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