SOLVED: How To Enable KIOSK / ASSIGNED ACCESS Mode in Windows 8.1

A neat new feature in Windows 8.1 is the ability to restrict a user to running a single application.  This could be handy for:

  • libraries that only want users to run their search app
  • public PC’s that are only to be used for Internet Explorer
  • retail stores that want run a demo routine

The primary limitation to Kiosk Mode is that it can ONLY be engaged for APPS.  This specifically does NOT include full desktop applications, so if you wanted to restrict a user to running Word, you are out of luck using “Assigned Access” / Kiosk mode.

To set up Kiosk mode:

  1. Install the APP (most likely from the STORE) you want to use
  2. Create a new Windows 8.1 LOCAL user account – a Microsoft account as it is not required!
  3. Log in as that user and then log out (i.e. have Windows 8.1 build a profile for them)
  4. Click Charms > Settings > Change PC Settings > Accounts > Other accounts and select Set up an account for assigned access
  5. Select the user to be locked down (created in Step 2)
  6. Click CHOOSE AN APP, and select the app your user should be restricted to
  7. Log in as the user and have a good day!

If you want more details including screen shots this TechNet blog is excellent:

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