As you likely already know, SSD are not hard disks, they are memory with a finite number of writes so regularly defraging an SSD will significantly reduce its life.  In Windows 8, you may see your SSD still show up in Windows Defrag and that might scare you… fear not as Windows 8 (and 8.1) will not actually defrag your SSD, they will simply push the TRIM command to the SSD which tells the disk to dump any deleted files and file bits from the disk thereby making more space for new files.

Windows Defrag is now called DEFRAGMENT AND OPTIMIZE DRIVES; physical disks get defrag’d and SSD’s get trimmed.

You can force Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) to evaluate your disks to see if you have an SSD by simply running the WINSAT (Windows System assessment) Tool.



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