Because the Dell Venue 8 and 11 tablets like the 7130 and 7130 have no keyboards you need to use a button combination to gain access to the BIOS.  That order is:

  1. Power up the tablet from being powered off – reboot does not seem to work
  2. Press and HOLD the volume down button (second silver button from the top on the left side) until the DELL logo screen shows ENTERING BIOS in tiny letters in the top right corner.
    1. If you see the Windows ‘rolling dots’, you have missed it so power down and start again.

You will then be able to get into your Venue 11 or 8’s uEFI BIOS.

Note that if you have an Atom Based Dell Venue 11 you CAN connect a keyboard to the USB port on the device or dock and press F12 to access the BIOS.

I have also found that I have to go into the Venue BIOS and then EXIT if I want to PXE boot by pressing F12 on boot.


James McWhorter · October 16, 2018 at 10:02 pm

I have a Dell venue 8 model 5830 64gb. Bought from Dell and love it. I had to replace the motherboard because of the plug getting broken. I have not been able to to get the BIOS into it. The pointer is on the opposite side of the screen. I did load windows and then found out I should not have loaded windows until the BIOS was installed. Can you help me? I can access the BIOS menu but don’t know what to do then. Thanks James McWhorter Rockmart Georgia

    Ian Matthews · December 11, 2018 at 6:54 pm

    I do NOT want to be pedantic, but the BIOS is always installed as it loaded as soon as the hardware has electricity but before the Operating System loads. If you have Win10 installed it sounds like your issue is related more to drivers. I would plug in an external mouse and see what you can do to run a Windows Update. Keep us in the loop as we are happy to help.

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