Today Apple released the iPhone 6 to the drooling masses.  It turns out the masses should be drooling… from the sleep that is.  Below are the major features and specifications of the iPhone 6

HD display! (Competitors already have quad HD)
Super sensitive camera! (HTC and Nokia are both laughing)
120FPS video recording! (Most other top Android devices already have 60FPS).
NFC! (Yawn)
Various health sensors! (Samsung is laughing)
Predictive keyboard! (Yawn)
HDR! (Yawn)
Face recognition! (Yawn)
Continous autofocus! (Yawn)
OIS! (Yawn)
Calls via WiFi! (Yawn)

Not a single feature which the competitors have already had for months and years


iphone 6 sizes and price

iphone 6 sizes and price

The $350 iWatch, which will not come out until Spring 2015, is not only as limited as the FIRST Samsung Gear watch from a year ago, but it is just as ugly!  One quote from CERTIFIEDMYST on Twitter summed it up “I think iWatch has a lot of potential to waterboarding”.

The new Samsung Gear watch that can operate independently of a cell phone (but the iWatch cannot) is going to kill the iWatch.

Apple iPhone 6 Specifications and iWatch - A Total Yawn


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