SOLVED: How to Install Android Apps on Blackberry Z10

Installing Android apps I sourced from my Samsung S3 to my new Blackberry Z10 was shockingly easy.

SHORT VERSION:how-to-install-android-apps-on-blackberry-z10-netflix

  1. Copy the .APK (Android package file) for the program you want to run on your Blackberry to your Z10’s memory card
  2. Using your Blackberry Z10, click/tap on the .APK to launch the installer, choose Install, then Open
  3. Your done


  1. If you do not already have an .APK for the Android app you want to run on your Blackberry z10, just install the app you want on your Android phone and then use a tool like ASTRO FILE MANAGER to create and .APK (using the BACKUP function).
    1. Note that I find the new ASTRO tool to be quite cumbersome, so I still use the old one which we have available for your to download HERE.
  2. Copy the .APK file from your Android cell to your PC and then from your PC to your Z10
    1. The Blackberry Z10 does NOT let you access the internal memory via a USB cable, so you likely have to add a microSD memory card into the slot beside the battery and change the SETTINGS > STORAGE & ACCESS > MEDIA STORAGE DETAILS > USB MASS STORAGE to ON.  When you plug you Z10 into you PC using a USB cable, this memory will appear and you can use it as a thumb drive to copy your .APK file(s) onto.
  3. On your Blackberry Z10, go to your apps and click FILE MANAGER, then click the DEVICE menu item (very bottom right) and change it to MEDIA CARD
  4. Find your .APK file and double click/tap it.
  5. Click INSTALL (top right) when prompted
  6. Have a nice day, your done.  The apps will show up on your screen just like all the other apps.

Thus far, on my Blackberry Z10 I have successfully installed:

  • Netflix
  • Crackle
  • BBC News
  • JetPack Joyride
  • RBC (banking app)
  • Google Translate
  • Cineplex (movie app)
  • Team Snap

The ONLY app that has failed to install is Google Maps and I have to think that is because it is a core app in my Samsung S3 which relies on other parts of my phone OR Google has intentionally blocked it from functioning in Z10’s.

We have also tried porting some various other apps including mobile casino apps that we love to play on android that you can find here.


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